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about the photographer

Photographs By Price Maples Sr. At Price Maples Sr. Art & Framing Custom Frame Shop And Art Gallery In Lexington, Ky

price d. maples sr. was born april 11, 1943 in lexington, ky.
he was raised among some of the older now non -
existant architecture that in there day were very desirable abodes.
his mission is to capture the art of old and new sites in
lexington and other parts of kentucky, that people have loved and
will love to visit with their families...

his photographs present lexington and other kentucky sites at
their best.  he sees beauty in all the subjects he chooses to
photograph and it shows.
he wants to promote his town of lexington and the state of
kentucky, so others can find the joy in the beauty of
“the bluegrass” and what it has to offer.

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